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Security Solutions

When we say we have you covered, we mean it. 全面的安全包括您的货物旅程的各个方面,从取货到交货. It might sound simple, 但外面还有很长的路要走,我们想让你放心当你的货物和我们在一起的时候. From supply chain protection to homeland security, cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 has the solutions you need to keep your shipments secure.

Across our Network

  • cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪雇佣自己的完全认证的州执法人员,他们拥有充分的警察和逮捕权力.
  • Our cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 Police conduct proactive, uniformed patrol to combat trespassing and cargo theft.
  • We have a collaborative approach with state and local authorities, customers and citizens.
  • cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 partners with shippers, providing free, on-site security consultation.

At our Intermodal Facilities

  • cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 utilizes site-specific security procedures, processes, and physical security to deliver a high degree of protection at intermodal facilities.
  • At select locations, cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 has installed automated gate systems, 哪一种方法能将驾驶员的生物特征指纹与其注册的驾照信息相匹配,以确保他们按照汽车运输公司的指示移动货物.

For more information about cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 Police, click here.

作为其持续努力的一部分,以满足客户的安全期望,cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪已经加入 Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT). C-TPAT is a cooperative endeavor between the trade community and the U.S. Customs Service to develop, enhance, and maintain effective security processes throughout the global supply chain.

U.S. Customs

U.S. 海关认可参与C-TPAT计划的公司在维护供应链安全方面是勤勉的,因为参与公司同意制定政策以加强其自身和供应链合作伙伴的安全措施. C-TPAT参与者的要求之一是确保其供应链的所有领域,如文件, information systems, employee and contractor identification, equipment, and facilities-are secure.


C-TPAT is a security program for the entire supply chain, and as a result, many of our customers participate in the program. Your customers may contact you with questions regarding cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪's participation. cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 Railway is a certified member of C-TPAT, partner identification number burRai00848.


cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪资源保护解决方案团队不断努力开发和定位安全设备,在各种环境中提供高质量的保护. See sources below for more information.

Seal Resources

Barrier seal requirements

Seal manufacturers

密封制造商经常展示新产品,那些适合通过铁路运输的产品在这里显示. 本网站上的信息不应被解释为一种产品优于另一种产品的认可.

Seal Programs

  • Shipment Integrity Reporting (SIR) -该程序允许cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪客户及时获得在cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪保管货物期间发生的任何印章更改的信息. 发货人可以选择请求SIR报告自动生成到任何指定的打印机, facsimile, or Internet address. The report is generally provided within three business days.

Cable Protection

Cable Protection Figure: Loop the cable through the upper locking rods, then pull the cable through the lock pad and pull until tight.

Keep your intermodal shipments out of reach from intruders every leg of the trip with the Figure 8 security cable. At little cost, this 3/16-inch high-tensile-strength steel cable quickly secures most cargo doors. Tampering is virtually impossible because the cable slips through the upper locking rods of your doors, out of reach of most thieves. At the loading dock, the cable is within reach and easily removed.

cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 is committed to the safe transportation of hazardous materials, which is vital for the protection of our employees, customers and the communities in which we operate. 在cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪上运送的危险材料接受特殊的识别和处理,包括运单准备, track and train list inventories, in-train placement checks, automatically updated train list entries and emergency response information. cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 tracks all sensitive shipments. 我们一直在分析列车中车辆的位置,以确保cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪符合所有规定.


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