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Panel Products

There are no construction materials more significant than the wood and panel products necessary to build our homes and businesses. Because of this, we offer dedicated service and trusted assurance that we can get your product where it needs to be in top condition. 让我们帮你运胶合板吧, OSB, particleboard or MDF, 和高效的石膏墙板.

We provide excellent geographic coverage with destinations in major metropolitan areas all across North America from Texas to Canada. 而且,我们和所有一级铁路都有来往.

不管你是运一车还是几车, we offer consistent, 可靠而经济的服务. Through our service, 您可以使用北美最高效的铁路网络直接往返于您的工厂.

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Use our 使用运费工具  获取价格为航运面板产品.


  • 面板下产品有各种移动 price authorities .
  • cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪需要完成和批准 credit application 在装运订单之前.



STCC Description STCC Description
24321 Plywood 24991 OSB
24996 Particleboard/MDF 32754 Gypsum wallboard

cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 provides superior customer service and support through our dedicated team of shipping experts and our well-maintained fleet that meets the weight and size needs of the industry. With access to most major panel products production and consumption areas in the Western United States and joint-line access to Eastern Markets, 我们可以灵活地将您的货物送到需要的地方.

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Specifications Table Diagram (50 ft) Diagram (60 ft)
Inside Length 50 ft 60 ft
Inside Height 13 ft 13 ft
Inside Width 9.6 ft 9.6 ft
Door Type Plug Sliding and plug
Door Width 10.6 ft to 16 ft 10.6 ft to 16 ft
Lading Capacity 185,000至215,000磅 201,000至209,000磅
Cubic Foot Capacity 6,100 to 6,250 7,500
Plate F F, G

** All materials are provided for informational purposes only; cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 makes no warranty regarding accuracy and shall not be liable for any errors and/or omissions. 资料如有更改,恕不另行通知或公布. 请咨询设备部门,以获得最新和准确的数据.


Centerbeam Flatcar
Specifications Table Diagram (60 ft) Diagram (73 ft)
Inside Length 60 ft 73 ft
Lading Capacity 19.8万到20万磅 195,000至225,000磅
Floor Type Risers Risers/Riserless

** All materials are provided for informational purposes only; cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 makes no warranty regarding accuracy and shall not be liable for any errors and/or omissions. 资料如有更改,恕不另行通知或公布. 请咨询设备部门,以获得最新和准确的数据.

Bulkhead Flatcar

运输的一些商品包括结构钢, pipe, steel plate, 还有一些木材制品.

Bulkhead Flatcar
Specifications Table Diagram (56ft) Diagram (60ft) Diagram (62ft) Diagram (66ft) Diagram (70ft)
Inside Length 56.8 ft 60.8 ft 62 ft 66 ft 70 ft
Inside Width 9.3 ft to 10.5 ft 8.2 ft to 10.6 ft 9.3 ft to 10.6 ft 10 ft 8.8 ft
Lading Capacity 143,500至196,000磅 178,500至186,000磅 163,400至205,100磅 183,500至188,600磅 173,800至181,200磅

** All materials are provided for informational purposes only; cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 makes no warranty regarding accuracy and shall not be liable for any errors and/or omissions. 资料如有更改,恕不另行通知或公布. 请咨询设备部门,以获得最新和准确的数据.


The following section contains guidelines and information for the use of privately marked equipment where cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 is the origination line-haul carrier.

  1. 私人铁路设备必须符合美国铁路协会的通告 OT-5 查阅报告标记和机械标记分配规则. 私有标识的设备也必须通过OT-57流程进行注册,该流程由Railinc管理. 欲了解更多信息,请访问 Railinc的装载权限(OT-57) web site.
  2. Private equipment controlling entities are required to manage the flow (pipeline) of empty equipment moving to cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 origin line haul locations or connecting carrier serving locations to preserve network fluidity.
  3. cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 may require private equipment controlling entities to move equipment off-line at their expense to preserve network fluidity.
  4. 私人设备须缴付装卸费, 以及用于装卸以外用途的设备.
  5. cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪专用设备的机械要求.

以下不是全部,但设备必须符合以下所有关键 机械的需求:

  1. 所有互通式货车车主必须签署AAR互通式规则并列入 FindUs.Rail.
  2. 汽车必须遵守和维护, by the owner, 根据AAR办公室和现场手册规则.
  3. 所有AAR字段手册规则(A.1 and A.2 defects along with any component obsolete or prohibited in interchange) must be complied with and equipment must be repaired or replaced prior to placement of the cars on cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪.
  4. All cars must have yellow FRA 224 compliant reflectorization with the application date registered in Umler (no grandfathered material allowed).
  5. 在AAR现场手册规则5图14中所示的位于耦合器下方的角旋塞是禁止的.
  6. Greater than 268,任何车辆类型的000磅总铁路载重货车必须符合下列其中一项标准:
    1. 汽车AAR通过S-286或
    2. Cars are approved by the AAR per Specification S-259 and the following is met: Cars must be equipped with constant contact side bearings, 最好是长期旅行.
    3. 汽车必须按正确的星号注册.
  1. 286,000 Pound Gross Rail Load Freight Cars of any car type less than 44 feet 11 inches in overall length must have route specifically approved by cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 due to bridge loading concerns. 以下链接可以帮助选择路线: 铁路网络地图.
  2. 任何类型和容量的平板车都必须配备恒定接触的侧轴承. 长行程恒定接触侧轴承是首选.
  3. 有盖漏斗必须有完全密封的出口门. The sealing member must be maintained in good condition and not allow product to bypass the gaskets/seals and leak onto the ground. 所有的门必须是一个积极的锁设计与安全密封能力.
  4. 配备一个或多个旋转耦合器的汽车必须在两端配备反重力锁.
  5. 所有汽车必须符合AAR和FRA安全设备标准.
  6. Gondolas and bulkhead flat cars must be equipped with crossover platform and associated safety appliances on both ends.
  7. Bottom dump coal hopper cars equipped with door line air hose must have this hose in the "low" configuration as to not block the crossover platform.
  8. 油罐车必须配备R组“耐候性”松弛调节器.


Foreign marked equipment is defined as equipment having reporting marks of a non-cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 controlled railroad or equipment that contains non-private marks. 私有标记定义为以X结尾的设备首字母, 除了TTX拥有/控制的设备.

  • 外派有外国标志的设备应按照汽车服务规则16的规定办理. 请向您的cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪代表提出要求.
  • 当cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪控制设备可用时,cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪保留不使用外国标记设备的权利. 如果没有与客户/控制实体的协议使用外国标记的汽车, cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 may refuse to place non-cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 marked equipment for loading and may return them to the railroad whose marks are stenciled on the cars.
  • Prior to securing foreign marked equipment to be loaded at a location where cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 is the origin line haul carrier, 客户/控制实体必须与他们的cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪销售代表讨论设备选择.


Shippers have the ability to guarantee equipment supply through cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪's Loading Origins Guarantee (LOGs) program. 查看更多cq9电子游戏网站旗舰平台 LOGs program.

cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪客户可以保持最新的新闻覆盖cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪服务, tools, 价格和设施通过订阅 cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪客户通知.

  • Network Update: Network Update notifications inform cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 customers on a biweekly basis of the overall state of our network.
  • Service Advisories: Service Advisory notifications inform cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 customers of temporary changes or interruptions to transportation service.
  • Marketing News:营销新闻通知通知cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪客户的新服务或产品提供, 或对现有服务的永久更改.
  • Pricing Updates :价格更新通知通知cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪客户现有费率或价格结构的变化.
  • Facility Updates:设施更新通知通知cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪客户与特定设施相关的变化.
  • cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪.com Updates: bnsf.更新通知通知cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪客户新的Web工具在www.bnsf.Com,或对现有工具的更改.
  • Customer Letters:客户信函告知cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪客户cq9电子游戏网站旗舰平台各种营销和服务相关的主题.


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  • Commodities you will be shipping. Please use our STCC/Commodity Lookup 工具准确的商品信息.
  • 出发地和目的地 for your shipment.
  • Amount you will be shipping.
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