Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn more about Railroad Retirement Benefits?

How do I set up direct deposit for my pension check?

Contact the cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 Pension Center at and request a Direct Deposit Authorization form.

How do I change my Federal Income Tax Withholding from my pension check?


How do I apply for my pension?

Contact the cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 Pension Center at and request a retirement commencement kit.

How do I report the death of an employee or retiree?

Contact the cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 Pension Center at . Please be sure to have the retiree's Social Security number available.

When should I apply?

You should apply at least 60 days before, but no sooner than 90 days before the date you want your retirement to commence. The sooner you apply, the more time you have to submit your signed election forms.

Will I need to send anything with the election forms?

Yes, you will need to provide proof of age with your completed forms. Examples of acceptable documents are:

  • Photocopy of an official birth certificate
  • Photocopy of valid driver's license (with the DOB clearly legible)

If you are married, you will also need to provide:

  • Photocopy of a proof of age document for your spouse (above)
  • Photocopy of your marriage certificate or license

When am I eligible for early retirement?

你可以从55岁生日后的第一个月的第一天开始领取提前退休福利, if you have at least 10 years of vesting service, or at age 65 regardless of your service.

Will my retirement benefits be reduced if I retire early?

Yes. If you choose to commence benefits before your normal retirement date (age 65), 你的福利将受到提前退休的限制,除非你至少已经62岁,并且有30年的免税服务.

Will I be eligible for medical coverage after I retire?

去年9月,只有伯灵顿北方公司(Burlington Northern)和圣达菲公司(Santa Fe)的前雇员还在拿薪水. 22, 1995, 并在开始之前一直从事有薪工作,根据cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪退休计划领取退休人员医疗福利可能有资格. For more information contact the Benefits Center at .

Will I be eligible for dental coverage after I retire?

Your dental coverage will cease upon termination or retirement. However, 你可以在退休后通过福利中心选择为期18个月的COBRA牙科保险.

What do I need to consider if I leave exempt employment before age 55?

当你在55岁之前离开豁免工作,并获得10年的归属服务, you will not be eligible for retiree medical benefits, exempt company-paid life insurance, or the Early Retirement Supplemental Benefit.

如果我被纳入cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪退休计划,我是否有资格获得一笔过的分配 and leave cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪?

If you leave cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 and have a vested retirement benefit, 您将在终止日期后2-4周内自动收到一个选举包. If the lump sum value of your accrued benefit is not more than $25,000, then you will have the option to receive a lump sum distribution.

I was a salaried employee and a participant in the BNI Plan as of Dec. 31, 1988; how does this affect early retirement?

If you were a participant in the BNI Pension Plan on Dec. 31, 1988, 如果你在所有参与该计划的公司终止雇佣关系之前你还没有资格享受提前退休福利, you may elect to receive your entire plan benefit in a lump sum, regardless of whether the present value of your benefit is not more than $25,000.

I am retired. How do I change my address?

Contact the cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 Pension Center at and request a Change of Address form

我的离婚判决书规定我的前配偶有权获得我的部分养老金, what do I need to do?

离婚判决不足以合法地从cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪退休计划中分配你的利益. To legally divide your benefits, a domestic relations order must be submitted, reviewed and determined to be qualified under the terms of the plan.

Where can I get sample wording for a qualified domestic relations order?

Contact QDRO Consultants at .

How do I get my domestic relations order qualified?

You may need to seek legal counsel to draft a domestic relations order. QDRO顾问公司有模板语言,您的律师可以在起草您的家庭关系命令时使用. 使用模型语言可以帮助减少必要的修改次数,以使一个家庭关系命令被认为是合格的.

Will the pension benefits of current cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 retirees be affected by the 2019 changes?

No. 退休人员或目前领取或推迟领取养老金的受益人的福利不会受到这一变化的影响.

If I have questions that are not answered here or want more detailed information, where can I get it?

Visit the Exempt Retirees Contact page for more information.