Tribal Relations


cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 Railway’s first-in-the-industry Tribal Relations program seeks to build and strengthen ties with the many diverse tribal nations on our network. We aim to foster a greater cultural understanding of these tribal nations, 他们的权利和治理, cultural resources, 以及cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪内部的其他关键问题. The sustained communication and dialogue between the Tribes, First Nations, Pueblos, and cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 will allow each to more fully understand one another’s cultures and lead to an improved ability to convey interests and goals more clearly. It is through this communication and dialogue that durable relationships can be grown and fostered that will endure during prosperous and challenging times.

Yesterday and Today

自170年前诞生以来, cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 and its predecessor railroads built ties with tribes, 原住民和普韦布洛印第安人. 这些关系通常是情境性的, 专注于解决问题, local, 而且是基于个人的友谊.

Today we pursue a program of tribal out reach to build relationships based on friendship, 但是演变成正式形式, institutionalized and comprehensive partnerships that are rooted in shared interests and understanding.


Tribal governments have evolved from the establishment of the early treaties to sophisticated governments. Now, these governments serve tribal economies that are often driven by their investment and management of business entities in gaming, 旅游目的地, 娱乐设施, agriculture and the management and development of other natural resources.

We haul many of the products produced in Indian country, 使部落能够访问一个地区的客户, 或者在全球范围内.


The Tribal Relations team at cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 initiates active dialogues and long-term working relationships with tribal nations where our track and facilities are located. The goal of the team is to build better relationships through careful coordination with multiple cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 departments and through face-to-face meetings with tribal leaders at their tribal headquarters, 以及位于沃斯堡的cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪总部, Texas.

We understand that each tribe is unique and has an established decision-making process within each tribal governance structure. Understanding this can help in identifying the appropriate “point of contact” between a tribal community and cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 staff and leadership.

Communication protocols help define which communications need to be directed to tribal leaders or tribal department heads for review and response.

Internally, the Tribal Relations team supports other departments by addressing cultural or governance questions or issues through guidance and training of field staff. For example, the team provides procedures and training tools for properly addressing 无意中发现 的文化资源.


We train thousands of employees through its safety initiatives each year and offers Crude-by-Rail and Emergency Response Training to local first responders across our network.

The program takes place over three days and covers basic knowledge, 应对铁路事故的技能, with more than 60 percent of training spent on field exercises.


We lead the industry in having the newest and cleanest-burning locomotive fleet. Over the last 10 years 40 percent of our fleet has been replaced to more energy-efficient locomotives.

Rail is already the most fuel and resource efficient means for moving large volumes of freight on land, 根据环境保护署的数据, 所有的温室气体排放中, 货运铁路仅占2.3 percent.


The cq9电子游戏网站旗舰平台基础 has been cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪’s main vehicle for charitable giving since the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railroads merged to form cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 Railway Company.  

The cq9电子游戏网站旗舰平台基础 has supported and helped improve the quality of life for residents in thousands of communities across the 28 states through which cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 operates, 以及cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪员工居住的地方, work and volunteer.

AISES Scholarships

cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪's scholarship program with the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) is designed to support Native American students preparing for careers in science, technology, 工程和数学. Bright minds versed in STEM disciplines help the railroad operate safely and efficiently.

Native American high school seniors residing in Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, 德州和华盛顿可能会提出申请. Year after year, cq9电子游戏直式蹦迪 AISES scholars pursue limitless possibilities for a future in science and technology fields.

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